Where are the sheep?

15 09 2009

Just a small one for today – Tuesday’s kinda suck for me, so I’ll hold off on the bigger posts for now.

I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what’s worth saying about the numbers of Aion (get super-specific and run more equations, or stay as general, or get more vague). I like the specificity to a point, but I don’t want to build carbon copies of every formula that Aion runs underneath: I don’t want to unravel the game that way. That kind of analysis has become constituent in WoW, and it really sucks in my opinion. No one has to think for themselves when the game tells you what does what, down to .01% accuracy: just pick the most efficient stat and roll. Carbon copies from that are lame. I like to explain how things work – I just worry about too much depth, if only for my own sake.

So, if you ever happen to be working with me in game, know that I’m open to experimentation. Anyone working in software will tell you straight-up that there’s always more than one solution to a problem: don’t be afraid to look for an alternative that works better for you.

On a side note, the Health base stat (and it’s effect on HP) in Aion thoroughly confuses me. My guess at this point is that the stat acts as the exponent of some base value, yielding the roughly quadratic equations that people observe. However, there are other coefficients at work that don’t seem to have any rhyme or reason – certainly no basis on the Health value itself (A Spiritmaster has a lot more HP than a Sorcerer, yet their Health value is identical at every level – …wut?). I’ll keep looking around for insights on that one, I guess.

Now, for the main article: Critters!

cheepcheep cheep cheep-cheep!

cheepcheep cheep cheep-cheep!

Aion is home to many cute creatures, some of which you have to kill (Those poor Danu’s, my friend Bran was so sad about having to kill them), and some of whom are just around for the scenery. Aion’s pretty special: they really went out of their way to rename every critter out there.

These little Methu, for instance. They make me think of Kiwis who have eaten kiwi fruits. They’re impressively round. Their eggs are pretty huge too. They make little chiruppy sounds if you listen closely; I was amused when I came across them.

There were squirrel-like critters, as well. They were pretty adorable, and skittered away whenever you got too close to them. I believe they were called Elroco’s, but that’s likely changed since the CB’s textual overhaul.

Must resist looklookin at you pun...

Must resist "Looklookin' at you" pun...

And thank goodness for that! Now we get Mumu Looklooks! Need moar Looklooks at the front gate! Oh, and the highsitters are getting lazy – I only got shot at once from all the towers I ran past in OB – I just started to ignore the bow-users.

I do miss the standard exploding sheep of WC2 sometimes, but I think I’ll be content with chubby birds and Looklooks. They may not be the most serious thing ever, but any good game knows to not take itself too seriously – it loses realism. There’s a fine balance, and I really think Aion is pushing for that ideal. I just hope they don’t lose sight of that mix as I experience their mid- and end-game content.

What’s the best part of Naxx10/25? That’s right, killing Mr. Bigglesworth (Inadvertantly AoEing maggots was admittedly a close second, but they’re pretty slimy).



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15 09 2009

“What’s the best part of Naxx10/25? That’s right, killing Mr. Bigglesworth (Inadvertantly AoEing maggots was admittedly a close second, but they’re pretty slimy).”

Wrong. Killing your friends as a Paladin while they play Frogger with the slimes = best part.

16 09 2009

I love all the creatures in Aion, they are really well done… compared to WoW. AYYOOO! I said it. But honestly, my favorite is the lil gecko thing, its cute and I want it as my familiar.

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