Good Ideas do go Through

25 09 2009

So, remember that one problem I had with Aion’s queueing system? Yeah, I was diappointed in the AFK aspect of private shops. I suggested that we incorporate a maximum AFK time into the shops. I doubt Aion devs looked here, but this morning they acted on the notion:

Quote: Liv

We are bringing the servers down at 6:00AM PST, September 25th,  for maintenance. The purpose of this downtime is to tweak the way Private Stores work. A timer of 30 minutes will be implemented to prevent these shops from being abused as a means to prevent disconnection and alleviate queues.

The maintenance is expected to run no longer than 1 hour.

Thank you for your patience! (Source)

There ya go. Queue times shall fall at last – I’m pretty psyched. I don’t usually repost information from Aion’s newsreel, but this was just too relevant to pass up.



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