“What do the Numbers Mean?” Guide Released

28 09 2009

UPDATE: The Guide is complete! There’s still a bit of cleaning for me to do in the near future, but by and large everything regarding the actual core stats is available in the guides section. Enjoy!

I love my numbers work, and so I’m going to be moving the project to a more permanent space. I’m also going to convert the information into a more easily-navigable format. If you want to view the information from all of my “What do the Numbers Mean?” explorations, simply click on the “Guides” section of the top toolbar.

Note: this is still a work in progress. I’m in the process of writing up segments for each of the remaining stats, so it’ll be a while before everything is as pristine as I would like. I just figured I should let you all know what’s going on, as this will be an incremental process. I’ll update the Blog once everything’s all happy, though, and be sure to give me feedback on what might make the guide easier to navigate!

Additionally, are there other aspects of the game that you would like to see explained? I know that information about specific classes is pretty prized, So I may start up a Guidelet on what I find to be good in playing a Chanter properly, as well as habits to avoid. What else would you like to see?




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