About Recherché

Hello, and welcome to Recherché! I’d like to share a bit about me, my characters, and my goals here for all those curious minds out there.


Theladas is one of the few pseudonyms that I employ regularly for the independent work that I do. I spend a disproportionate amount of my academic time in MIT’s labs, and that world knows nothing of my literary or gaming creativity. All of that I save for my own time, lest I lose focus at work and start telling my co-workers fantastical stories for hours on end.

Well, at least he gives this blog two thumbs up!

He gives this blog two thumbs up!

Theladas is perhaps my favorite archetype in the years I’ve spent telling stories. Some of my stories about him can be found at The Writer’s Alcove, which I’ve kept over on the sidebar for reference. A few of my friends and I built and maintained that site for a year or so when I was still in High School. It was a lot of fun being able to share stories with the public; that kind of drive is part of why I’m picking up blogging.

So this character is dear to me, and we have a lot of history in storytelling. When I encountered Aion, it was instantly apparent that he had a new home. The Asmodian build and playstyle remind me very much of his past life, and the Chanter archetype (versatile playstyle, lots of shields and support abilities, two-handed weapon) looks to be both a challenging and fitting role for him to fit. The dynamics of Character Creation were also amazingly encouraging: I could model Theladas down to the jut in his jaw, rather than one of 300 hair & body combinations.

Other Friends

Rychard, Jerricah, and Ellaria are all likely to make appearances in this game as well. I have plans to launch each of them shortly after release, but my primary focus will be on Theladas (one project at a time, after all). Their classes are yet to be determined, but Rychard will certainly be a Warrior subclass (truly split, but his nature is more Gladiator), Jerricah a Mage (probably Spiritmaster, if I can get over their endgame shortcomings), and Ellaria a Scout (she’ll be an Assassin, to be precise; ranged weapons don’t make sense to them).

I’ll certainly toy with the idea of playing more alts beyond those three, but I’m not gonna bite off more than I can chew. At present, I’m simply psyched to be able to play a game that allows me to enjoy some side-line RP work.


So, there is a player behind the screen. I’m in my early twenties, and have been gaming since I was able to wrest a Sega Genesis controller from the hands of my older brother. He never liked that.

Evan with an inquisitive critter.

Evan with an inquisitive critter.

My gaming genre preferences tend to lean towards strategy and roleplay content. Turn-Based and Real-Time strategy games are always welcome in my life, with Disgaea 2 serving as my present distraction when Aion is down. My MMO History spans two years of WoW, a year of FFXI, and numerous months in Anarchy Online, Guild Wars, and Planetside.

As I said earlier, gaming is one of my independent activities. I also fit in Martial Arts training, Cooking, and Outdoor exploration into my regular routine. I’m also a full-time student at MIT, where I study Robotics, Computer Science, and Cognitive Science. There’s a smattering of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in my education, too, but robots have far and away proved to be my passion.

And then I stumbled into Aion’s Second Closed Beta. The game has captured me in a way that nothing short of pure awesome could hope to accomplish. The challenge, the context, the dynamic gameplay, and even the Shugo voice-overs make the game thoroughly enjoyable. I love not having all the answers listed everywhere online (hello, WoW, what isn’t known about you yet?). I get the feeling that I’ll actually be able to contribute now, since the gaming world isn’t thoroughly mapped out. The mystery is almost intoxicating – I’m thrilled to explore more.


I’d like to think I’m a focused person, and my focus is presently on exploring Aion. It’s doubtless a confusing place: with the opening of region channels in the Open Beta, I saw absolute flourishes of questions about everything. They’re still coming. I tried to answer some, but the questions keep popping up.

I’m also a supportive person. It’s no coincidence that playing the primary support class has captured my interest so completely. I’ll be working to provide additional support here. By having a permanent site, I’ll be able to retain the answers to the various questions of Aion for everyone to see.

So, I’ll put together my focus and support to provide a thorough network of answers and solutions for Aion on Recherché. I’ll try to have some fun along the way, too, and share that with you.

Also, there will likely be spurts of roleplay content that aren’t particularly linked to Aion so much as to my characters. I enjoy writing about them, and I hope their adventures illuminate something deeper than the mechanics of Aion: there’s so much more to the game than theorycraft.

In case you were wondering, I am a verbose person. I’ll be working on concise writing. This article feels short to me right now, yet I fear it’s already too long. I’ll learn to gauge better in time.

So, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m glad you stopped by, and will do my best to keep a consistent stream of information available to you. Aion awaits – look here for all that I can share about the wonderful span of Atreia!


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