New Work

22 01 2011

I’m reviewing anime now with my blogging time. I’ve been off of Aion for over a year now, so this little blog seems outdated at best. Sorry to all those looking for more information: I don’t know anything about the game anymore.

While I do play WoW at present, I can’t bring myself to blog about the material there too much – it’s all changing too quickly, and I don’t have the interest in maintaining that kind of long-standing game material anymore. Just look for my comments on other WoW bloggers if you want to know how I feel about the game ^_^

Best of luck to those of you tackling the challenges in Aion. And, if you have any interest in anime, feel free to come join me at The Theladas Review!


The Results are in…

29 10 2009

… and the verdict is:

Build a Crafting Guide!

That’s what the majority of votes asked for. Turns out that no one cares about how to balance stats against one another to build a character, so hey – I’ll drop the topic. Less work for me; hurrah. I’ll indeed likely have to come back to work on the Chanter-specific guide, and I’ll talk more about them as soon as I get farther in the game and can thus have a better grasp of the class’s full dynamics.

There were also a handful of votes for “something else.” I’m not sure what these mean, as there’s no comments or E-mail that I’ve got to explain them. So, for cuiosity’s sake, I’ll make some guesses:

Combat Mechanics: There’s a fair set of nuances here, some of which I’ve covered with my statistics guide. There is more to talk about here, though, such as the order-of-operations (and thus knowing what has priority), the simultaneity confound, its effects and potential benefits, and other intricate elements of the combat engine. It’s a fun topic for experimentation and evaluation, but then I don’t know if I can codify a substantive guide out of it.

Grinding Optimization: This has been done. Given the level and ranking of enemies you can handle and your level, you can simply look up the set of enemy types that you can handle at – simply go to the tools section, and go to the Grind Optimizer (no direct links because the site runs on ajax – yay for simple directions!). So, if you’re wondering if you’re actually fighting the right type of stuff, you can use this little tool as a sanity check for your efficiency.

Gathering Guide: The question of “What stuff is where?” is already solved by’s Gatherables section – every resource type that’s been encountered has its possible locations tagged on the appropriate maps. The mechanics governing these gathering attempts are synonymous with the mechanics governing crafting, so they’ll be covered in my crafting guide. Is there something I’m missing here, some other solution needed for understanding how to go about gathering materials? If so, let me know.

PvP Guidelines: I don’t think I’ll ever be as good at explaining good PvP guidelines compared to other players. I’m proficient in duels, and I have a fair grasp of scaled PvP combat by and large, but I’m no stellar player. I’m afraid that if you’re looking for more information on how to take down human-controlled adversaries, you’ll need to keep searching for a good, comprehensive approach. Be careful about the approach you execute, though: you will lose some fights, and if you go out into the world expecting to win everything you will be disappointed. I guarantee it.

However, I should note that it’s okay to lose. After all, your loss is someone else’s win, which at least makes that person feel better. If you don’t get depressed and angry about losing the fight, then there’s only gain to be had. Otherwise, it’s a zero-sum game: one side goes up, and the other side goes down equally. If it’s a zero-sum game, then on average you don’t gain anything. If there’s no gain, then why are you spending your time on it? I encourage you to take advantage of your losses as well as your wins, so that there’s always a positive takeaway.

Also, win or lose, don’t be an asshole. The last thing this game needs is more assholes.

Other: I’m really not sure if there’s other stuff out there that’s substantial enough to warrant a full guide. Other classes, perhaps, but I’m no expert on anything outside of what I’ve played (Gladiator and Chanter). Other than that, I’m a little lost. But, just because I’m lost doesn’t mean I can’t help, per se. If there’s something I’m missing, do feel free to tack it on here – I’ll find a way to make it fit, independent of my severe lack of free time lately.

So, there are some other possibilites. For now, however, I’ll be conserving my focus to building a comprehensive crafting guide. Some topics I know I’ll cover:

  1. Basics of crafting: What crafts are there, what do they provide, and how a player can acquire and improve any craft.
  2. Crafting algorithm architecture: How do the two bars work, and how can a player minimize his chance of failure.
  3. High-Quality production: What is a high-quality product, what factors influence creating them, and what to do to turn a profit with high-quality materials.
  4. Powerleveling approaches: Is the process of leveling crafting best done in tandem with leveling, or afterwards, and what arguments support either side.
  5. Meta-crafting: How a player can make the most of the craft-leveling process, and how to handle the unavoidable downtime.
  6. Advanced topics: To be extended for high-level crafting quests; Expert Craft requisites, limitations, and benefits; Other problems/questions posed.

The Advanced section will be empty in the first pass of this guide, as I can’t really speak to Expert crafting just yet, but I’ll add to it as soon as I can in the near future. If there’s something you think is missing, let me know now – I’ll work it in as best I can before actually posting the guide.

Gunsmith of Williamsburg: a comprehensive documentary of gunsmithing, if my guide takes too long.

So, there ya have it. The results say that people want to learn about crafting, and so I shall deliver. Yay for a free, long weekend ahead! Games, storytelling, and guide-writing are all on the horizon – such a welcome break from network graph transformations and sleep plasticity experiments.

In the Meanwhile: Check out The Gunsmith of Williamsburg for a comprehensive look at just what hand-tooling your own equipment can require. Sure, the movie’s about crafting a rifle, rather than a plate hauberk or wooden stave, but I think there’s a lot of overlap. It’s a shame how little we appreciate the enormous acceleration of crafting in current video games. That said, the actual process behind making this stuff is super cool, in my opinion – check it out!

“What do the Numbers Mean?” Guide Released

28 09 2009

UPDATE: The Guide is complete! There’s still a bit of cleaning for me to do in the near future, but by and large everything regarding the actual core stats is available in the guides section. Enjoy!

I love my numbers work, and so I’m going to be moving the project to a more permanent space. I’m also going to convert the information into a more easily-navigable format. If you want to view the information from all of my “What do the Numbers Mean?” explorations, simply click on the “Guides” section of the top toolbar.

Note: this is still a work in progress. I’m in the process of writing up segments for each of the remaining stats, so it’ll be a while before everything is as pristine as I would like. I just figured I should let you all know what’s going on, as this will be an incremental process. I’ll update the Blog once everything’s all happy, though, and be sure to give me feedback on what might make the guide easier to navigate!

Additionally, are there other aspects of the game that you would like to see explained? I know that information about specific classes is pretty prized, So I may start up a Guidelet on what I find to be good in playing a Chanter properly, as well as habits to avoid. What else would you like to see?

Syndication Troubles

13 09 2009

So, What’s syndication you ask? It’s a form of direct link that, in present context, allows me to post up items and skills from the Aion Armory database into my blog. Hopefully I can get this trickster working – it’ll be handy to have items represented in-line, so you don’t have to go trolling through Aion Armory to know what I’m talking about.

Problem is, The ‘HTML editor’ built into the post isn’t providing me with the resources I need. I can link an item well enough:
Healing Light 1

But that’s as far as I can get without implementing a script, and the HTML editor won’t take scripts. Thus, I can’t get the in-line linking to work.

Alas, I don’t see an easy way to fiddle with the HTML Header of this page. I have a suspicion I’d need to pay for a subscription to actually enable the change. I’ll explore more in the future, but I guess dual moniters may be in order to track links and read at the same time. Or I could do the good-old Copy & Paste trick, if I can make it look streamlined enough…

Anyone had any luck incorporating AionArmory Syndication on WordPress? Or other methods of showing useful stats?

Banner: Round 2, And How to Choose a Server

12 09 2009

Apparently the world of Aion has been undergoing substantial maintainance lately. There’s always bugs to work out, for sure, so I’m glad they’re taking the time to get things as happy as they can before release. I’ve taken the free time to work a bit more on cleaning up this site.

First and foremost, new banner! Now the banner features the full Recherché team (Rycharde, Theladas, Jerricah, and Ellaria), rather than just Thel. I’ll give some backstory to them here soon.

I’m building up a roll of other Aion Authors on the sidebar, and if you’d like to join in the community, please let me know! I’ve done some haphazard exploration and put up the favorites that I’ve stumbled across, but I’m always looking for more to read. So, if you’re into the Aion writing scene, post a comment!

Now I’m trying to figure out exactly how to go about selecting a server. I’m on the East Coast, so I’ll see slightly lower latency on an EST server. Two years of playing on PST servers for WoW leads me to believe the latency is minimal, though and something I can cope with. Meanwhile, my lifestyle keeps me out until late hours; playing on a West Coast server may place me on during prime play time. More players = more group opportunities, so I’m all for that.

So, any suggestions? I’m not at all worried about finding an RP server; when I’m in-game, I generally don’t go out of my way to tell stories – that’s for blogging and the like. I’m just looking for a solid home that has potential, and will have space for another Chanter in the Asmodian ranks. Suggestions?

Okay, enough wobsite for one day – Must Chant Moar!